Dr. Justin Corbin is now certified as an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) and is offering FAA Medical Exams for Moore County area pilots.


The medical exam will encompass all necessary requirements for the issuance of an airman medical certificate.


This service is being provided as a convenience to area pilots who previously needed to travel an hour or more for the same service.


Dr. Corbin can provide both Class II & Class III exams.


The cost for the exam is $150.00.


Please be sure to complete all necessary FAA requirements before being seen, and you will need to bring the following at the time of your exam:


MedXPress Confirmation Number

Valid Photo Identification

Summary Sheet


For those who need both a flight exam and a D.O.T exam, a discount will apply if both exams are given at the same visit.  Group discounts also apply for area businesses.


For more information, you may visit the FAA website HERE or download the 2017 Guide HERE